Website Optimisation

Improve Website Performance, Speed, Traffic and Conversions

Responsive Website Structure

Mobile First Approach

With Google's Mobile First approach and growing number of mobile searches, it is important to make your website adaptive to any device - be it mobile, tablet or desktop.

Search Engine Optimisation

Technical SEO

We can audit and optimise website SEO including:

Keyword and Key Phrases

User Intent

It is no longer sufficient to just write a good content, optimise it and get trusted links for your content. We can help you:

Core Web Vitals

User Experience

User experience of the website has always played a big role in conversions. Now, it is also essential to rank higher on Search Engines:

Relevant & Optimised Copy

Content Optimisation

It is estimated that approx. 44 Trillion Gigabytes or 44 zettabytes of digital content is produced each day. We can help you with:

Website Loading and Navigation

Speed Optimisation

The loading and navigating speed of the website amounts to the overall user experience and also an important SEO factor according to Google. We can help: